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Welcome to Finnrunner

We are technological start-up aimed at creating a high quality product in the global hydropower industry uniting Finland quality and Russian turbine engineering experience



Due to pandemic many companiesare experiencing difficulties due to the presence of restrictictions and as a reult significantdecrease in turnover. We sure the situation will normalize, but for existence companieswill be difficult to achieve indicators that were beforeCOVID-19. On the one hand Investors choise is to support existance companies with increased credit leverage orincreased government influence, on the other hand, a new private company that has equal competencies with its main competitors in the person of its employees and partners which is capable to take advantage of the situation and make breakthrough.

What is our main product line

Lightening the weight of the turbine parts by composite materials able to increase efficiency for up to 2% and reduce price of the runner up to 30%. 


Capacity of up to 10 MW

Pressure heads of up to 40m

Runner 0.5 to 3.0 m DIA

Types: Vertical, Bulb, Z, and S

By: Alex / In: Web Trends / Posted: Aug 25, 2019


Capacity of up to 10 MW

Pressure heads of up to 300m

Runner 0.3 to 2.0 m DIA

Types: Vertical, Horizontal

By: Tom / In: Tech / Posted: Aug 24, 2019


Capacity of up to 10 MW

Pressure heads of up to 300m

Runner 0.3 to 2.0 m DIA

Types: Vertical, Horizontal

By: Kate / In: Startups / Posted: Aug 24, 2019

Step 1. Analisys

Finilizing the full product line of Kaplan turbines up to 1MW. 

Step 2. Creative concept

Split the turbine into unified and typesetting parts. Facilitate parts weight.

Main princials - unification and weight reduction

Unified parts applicable for a group of turbines. For the turbine line up to 1 MW parts should have same details fixing types, this:

  • 100-300kW
  • 301-600kW
  • 601-1000kW

typesetting parts should remain only for changeable parameters such output power, flow, heads, etc.

Unification serial part production will allow to get a high quality product, reduce costs and reduce production time up to time required for control assembly.


For the 1st stage we finilize the full product line of Kaplan turbines up to 1MW and split the turbine into unified and typesetting parts in order to make serial production for some of them and to make from experimental composite materials others. 

Our services

Finnrunner provides services that are an integral part of supply manufactured equipment for Small Hydro Power Plants 

In addition to supply water-to-wire packages we provide engineering services for Wind, Solar Power Plants and Peat gasification Thermal Power plants.

Other our products

Finnrunner start-up focuses on products, technologies, flexible solutions and services that solve Customers problems for Small Hydro Power Plants. We know that for Customer is best to receive  affordable turn-key solution and best for engineering company to do that on self manufactured equipment. Therefor we plan to expand manufacturing equipment with:

In addition to expand manufacturing with small Pump-turbines, Governors, and Inlet / Outlet Valves we would like to present our Customers Flat and Segment Gates, Penstok liners.

FInnrunner start-up is ready to become the leader supplier for HYDRO POWER PLANTS and other RENEWABLES through professional approach in design, turbine and auxiliary equipment manufacturing, implementing environmentally friendly solutions and developing future technologies.